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The NACC Presidents’ Council Meeting 2015

The NACC Presidents’ Council held its annual meeting in New York October 8-9 in connection with the Centennial Gala. 

First row, from the left: Ole Christian Schrøder (National President), Vigdis Eriksen (Director of the National Board), Maria Antvort (Assistant to the General Manager), Inger M. Tallaksen (General Manager), Anne-Brith Berge (Executive Director, Houston Chapter), Frode Kjersem (President, Philadelphia Chapter). Back row, from the left: Linda Priebe (Board Secretary, Mid-Atlantic Chapter), Jason Turflinger (Managing Director, AmCham Norway), Susan Meyer (President, Chicago Chapter), Katharina Brekke Powers (President, Mid-Atlantic Chapter), Inger-Torill Kirkeby (President, Florida Chapter).

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