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W. Cameron Beard elected as President of the NACC

President of the NACC, W. Cameron Beard

On April 17, 2018, I was elected as the 28th President of the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce.  I am honored, but also recognize that I have big shoes to fill.  Having served on the board of the NACC for more than twenty years, I have had the opportunity to witness and admire the work of a number of very able NACC presidents, all of whose contributions to the organization have been substantial.  I am therefore especially grateful for the opportunity I have been given to serve the interests of the NACC membership, and to work with the NACC during an exciting period of growth and development.

It goes without saying that we are deeply indebted to our departing president, Giacomo Landi.  During Giacomo’s presidency the NACC made a number of great strides forward, including but not limited to: hiring its first new general manager in almost four decades, implementing a new management software that will streamline the activities of the NACC organization nationwide, and moving the NACC’s national offices to the vibrant WeWork facility above Grand Central Station in Manhattan, where NACC staff can work closely with representatives of a number of other Nordic organizations.

Looking forward, my hope is that the NACC will continue to build on positive work that is already underway.  A primary goal will be continued close cooperation between all NACC chapters nationwide to build an organization offering truly national support and networking opportunities.

Past President Giacomo Landi with newly elected President of the NACC, W. Cameron Beard

Another goal will be to increase NACC membership, a project that has already been set successfully in motion by our highly motivated new general manager, Live Sletten Diakolios, assisted by the NACC’s invaluable media manager, Maria Antvort.  In seeking out new members, the NACC has been and will continue to be responsive to the increasingly diverse Norwegian businesses and entrepreneurs who are venturing into the United States market, as we demonstrate the relevance of the NACC and inform prospective members of the many ways in which the NACC can serve them.

Needless to say, I look forward also to strengthening the bonds between the NACC and the other members of the Norwegian team in the United States, including but not limited to the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Consulates, and Innovation Norway.  Working together, we can make great things happen!

W. Cameron Beard

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