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Summary and articles: 24th HACC/NACC Shipping Conference, February 13, 2018

The Hellenic-American and Norwegian-American Chambers of Commerce presented the 24th Annual HACC/NACC Shipping Conference on Wednesday, February 13, 2018, at the Apella Conference Center on the East River in New York City.  The theme of the conference was “Shipping in a Disrupted Market.”  Featuring distinguished keynote and luncheon speakers, and seven panels including over 35 participants, the conference covered a myriad of timely issues and addressed sources of concern as well as reasons for optimism in a rapidly changing and risk-filled shipping market.  The panels considered topics ranging from geopolitical dangers to environmental and technical concerns, and from capital market challenges to issues raised by shareholder activism.  Attendees included distinguished leaders in the worldwide shipping industry, and audience participation in the panel discussions was enthusiastic throughout.  With significant support from sponsors from the Norwegian and Greek shipping communities, this year’s shipping conference was a great success. Summary by W. Cameron Beard of Blank Rome LLP and Executive Vice President, NACC

Articles from the conference:

Scorpio Group calls for better customer service from suppliers

Are shipping companies vulnerable to activist investors?

Investors urge shipping to improve its governance

Bank to Shipping: 11% is greater than 2%

Blockchain best at beating the hackers

Shipping will slump again due to ‘human nature’

Disruption, disruption and more disruption

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We gratefully acknowledge our sponsors for their support of the conference:


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