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Reaching Audiences in the Global Marketplace through Exporting

Brooklyn, NY – May 1, 2014 – Conducting business in an increasingly multicultural and multilingual world has become a topic of great interest to many of our clients. Eriksen Translations Inc. ( would like to share the news about a new resource on this topic, the book Exporting: The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably. Written by Laurel Delaney, this publication includes practical advice on topics ranging from online marketing and web localization to global ethics. We believe it provides a wealth of information for those looking to engage with multicultural audiences. Laurel Delaney, founder and president of management consultancy, wrote this book to equip business owners with the knowledge they need to take their companies to the next level of growth through exports. She believes that selling globally should be easy for any company to pursue, regardless of size. Her book helps entrepreneurs and small business owners market, sell, and fulfill orders internationally using both traditional methods and opportunities presented by the Internet. Delaney quotes Vigdis Eriksen, the founder and CEO of Eriksen Translations, in Chapter 15, “Web Design with the World in Mind,” where she provides strategies for conveying cultural, linguistic, and business information to target audiences in a world that is becoming increasingly multicultural and multilingual. Vigdis Eriksen said, “To reach out to the world for business, your website should be flexible enough to adapt to other languages in the future. Build for global growth.”

About Eriksen Translations Inc. Eriksen Translations Inc. helps companies reach their audiences in the domestic and global marketplace.

Founded in 1986, Eriksen provides multilingual services in over 100 languages, offering translation, web and software localization, layout and production, cultural consulting, voiceover and subtitling services, and interpreting to clients worldwide. For more information, visit:

About Laurel Delaney Laurel J. Delaney, M.B.A., is founder and president of Chicago-based, a management consulting company that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses go global. She is the creator of The Global Small Business Blog, which is ranked No. 1 in the world for entrepreneurs and small businesses interested in going global, and Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global. She serves as the

Import & Export Expert, is a charter member and a board member by appointment of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, and is a member of the International Council for Small Business. For more information on Exporting: The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably, published by Apress Media, please visit:

Contact: Vigdis Eriksen Eriksen Translations Inc. Tel. (1) 718-802-9010 Email:

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