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New Member: The Norwegian Christian Home and Health Center

The Norwegian Christian Home and Health Center, located in Brooklyn, New York, is a full-service modern health care facility consisting of a 135 bed Skilled Nursing Facility, an 88 bed Assisted Living Facility and a 28 bed Independent Living Facility; it also offers two beds for short-term respite care. In addition, services are provided for physical, occupational and speech therapy to both discharged patients and to the community at an on-site Outpatient Rehabilitation Center.

The Home had its beginnings early in the 20th century when a Norwegian immigrant couple, George and Amanda Hanson, aware of the vulnerability of homeless Scandinavian women, decided to offer them refuge in their own home. Eventually the numbers grew to the point that their home was no longer adequate, and when Amanda could no longer be their sole caregiver, the couple solicited assistance from members of Norwegian-speaking churches. A committee was formed, leading to incorporation as a not-for-profit institution in 1903. Within a year, a house was purchased, at the location where the campus is currently situated.

Today the Home serves the needs of all ethnic groups, but its roots are a testament to our Norwegian forebears who displayed compassion for their fellow Norwegian immigrants. That same compassion is the motivation for the commitment to the exceptional care provided to its patients, and to the residents who call it home.

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