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New Member: Norwegian Baked

“It all traces back to that one summer at home in Norway…there was a luscious just-baked scent floating through the air and I followed my senses straight to my Aunt Liv’s kitchen. There, I found her baking the most delectable Crispbread. It was love at first bite and she taught me how to craft them using our decades-old family recipe. I was hooked. So, back to my second (more permanent) home in Brooklyn I went, where I started experimenting with the family recipe and serving it to friends and family (lucky them!). Altering the ingredients a few times to find the perfect balance, I finally honed it. Thus, Norwegian Baked was born.

Crispbread, or as we Norwegian-folk call it: Knekkebrød is a staple in all Scandinavian homes. The theory behind Norwegian Baked is to share our decades-old tradition with you and your loved ones. Baked fresh in Brooklyn each week by the founder herself, this salty and wholesome Crispbread is a Nordic tradition that you’ll be sure to adopt after trying. It’s naturally wheat-free and utilizes whole grains like rye flour, oat bran and oats as well as nutrient-rich seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, and flax. This fibrous, low-carb Crispbread is the perfect accompaniment to any meal.”

Hedvig Bourbon Founder, Norwegian Baked

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