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New Member: Crusher International AS

Lloyd Sundstøl, founder of Crusher, inherited his entrepreneurial genes from his grandfather from Telemark in Norway. He is currently in New York with his team to further develop his company in the US.

Lloyd lives in Norway, is Norwegian, has a Norwegian family, has been a Norwegian farmer, runs his own Norwegian company – but calls himself an incurable American.

To explain how Lloyd thinks, we will return to the mid-70s. To Åmotsdal, a small mountain village in Telemark, where he arrived at seven years old, together with his Norwegian parents. Before then, he had lived his entire life in New York.

RECYCLING – One of the things Sundstøl had noticed through what he was doing, was how the renovation of roads took place. He thought: Why are they removing the old asphalt from the road? Why can't they just use the same asphalt again? This is how Crusher was born. The company was founded in 2005, and the idea was to recover roads right where they are.

To reuse the asphalt, powdering it up and crushing it along with rock and other mass on the site so that it can be used again, is far more sensible than cutting away and throwing away old roadbeds. Everything can be reused. Instead of removing old mass and bring new mass back, Crusher transports machinery and lignosulfonate for soil stabilization, using the mass that already exists on site. In collaboration with expertise in various disciplines, Lloyd has over the years developed a machine that "eats" and recycles road masses. In 2014, he got his breakthrough which led to increased sales and new opportunities to further develop the company and the methods. He has now built several machines and has expanded his workforce and projects across Norway.

"Problems are made to be crushed." – Lloyd Sundstøl

Lloyd is constantly working to improve the company, methods and product. With special machines for road maintenance for Norwegian conditions, the job is performed with superb efficiency. Crusher has therefore become an important partner for other players in the industry, making road renovation projects cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly.

Crusher now look to the US and see unprecedented and unique opportunities.

NACC welcomes Crusher as a member of the organization and look forward to seeing them evolve in America.

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