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NACC Presidents’ Council Meeting, April 2018

The Presidents of NACC met in Washington DC at the Royal Norwegian Embassy for its Presidents’ Council meeting on April 11 to discuss how to provide the best value for its members.

Back row: Margrethe Skjelbred (NADIC, Washington DC), Christer Andresen (Philadelphia), Thorleif Egeli (President, Houston), Paul Anderson (President, Chicago), Steven Peri (Representative, New York), W. Cameron Beard (EVP New York). Front row: Idar Voldnes (President, Washington DC), Hans Petter Andresen (Philadelphia), Bjorg Eikeland (President, Florida), Maria Antvort (Media Manager, New York), Giacomo Landi (President, New York), Live Sletten Diakolios (General Manager, New York). Also attending: Chloé Friberg (Washington DC).

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