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NACC Philadelphia DNC Event, July 25

Luncheon hosted in conjunction with the DNC by NACCPhilly for members, business partners and the Norwegian press. Honored to have Ambassador Kåre Aas attending and addressing the guests.

From left: Norwegian Ambassador Kåre Aas, NACCPhilly President Frode Kjersem.

From left: Honorary Consul from Finland Kristina Mattila, Michael Kleiner, Ellene Felder-Scharnott, James Scharnott.

From left: Christer Andresen, First Secretary Kjell-Erik Brekke from the Norwegian Embassy, Erik Food.

From left: Jen Levine from U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Honorary Swedish Consul Ulf Akerblom, Tony Ceballos from Director of Commercial Service – Philadelphia.

From left: Howie Andersen, Ingrid Margrete Hillestad.

From left: Jørgen Flood, Jim Wooten, Honorary Norwegian Consul Erik Torp.

From left: Are Tågvold Flaten from TV2, Tove Bjørgås from NRK.

From left: Frode Kjersem from NACCPhilly, Steinar Nerbøvik, CEO of Philly Shipyard, Ambassador Kåre Aas.

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