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NACC General Manager, Inger M. Tallaksen, received the Nora Award on June 6, 2017

Recipient of the Nora Award for Women of Achievement, Inger M. Tallaksen

The Nora Award for Women of Achievement

2013 had been declared the Year of Women in Norway in recognition of the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. With this in mind, the NACC’s board of directors agreed to establish an award focusing on women’s achievements only. The criteria for receipt of this award are extraordinary achievements within a chosen field, including but not limited to, business, the arts, science and exploration. The recipient must have reached a level of achievement where her accomplishments are highly respected and benefit not only her own career, but also her chosen field of endeavor.

Additionally, her efforts should have a positive effect on the US-Norway relationship, advancing Norway’s image in the United States. Inspired by one of Henrik Ibsen’s most famous fictional characters, Nora in A Doll’s House, who made a daring decision for herself at a time when women were not in control of their own destinies, the NACC board decided in 2013 to name this new award The Nora Award for Women of Achievement. This award has been presented twice before to H.M. Queen Sonja of Norway in 2013, and Liv Ullmann, renowned actress, director, author and humanitarian in 2015.

Award Recipient Inger M. Tallaksen

Inger M. Tallaksen has worked for the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce since 1980 and as its General Manager since 1987. Before joining NACC, Inger worked for close to 10 years for the Oivind Lorentzen Group at its New York office while her first position after arriving in New York was with the Trade Council of Norway.

Besides her work for the NACC, Inger has been active in community affairs, always promoting Norway. She joined the board of the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in 1988, and today she serves as the Chairman of its board. Also, in the late 1980s, she joined the board of the American Scandinavian Foundation, where she has for several years served on the Nominating Committee. She is also a member of the American Scandinavian Society and Vesterheim Museum.

For her service to the Norwegian-American community, H.M. King Harald V of Norway appointed her in 1996 to Knight, First-Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit. Later she followed up this honor by a private audience with His Majesty at the Palace in Oslo, a true highlight of her career. In 2009, Inger received the Norwegian Ambassador’s Award, an award given in recognition of her significant contribution of promoting modern Norway in the U.S. and her dedication to strengthening the ties between Norway and the United States of America.



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