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Giacomo Landi elected as President of the NACC

President of the NACC, Giacomo Landi

On April 6 I had the honor of being elected as President of the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC).

It is a great privilege to take this role in the 101st year of the chamber.  Since its founding in New York, the NACC has grown into a wonderful national organization with chapters in eight US cities.  The chamber is at its core focused on promoting solid economic and personal relations between the United States and Norway.  As an American with a good degree of familial, personal and professional connections to Norway, this role is a specific honor.

In these times where people can question the need for organizations such as the NACC, I think one can make the opposite argument that the NACC is more important than ever.  We see a changed economic reality in Norway, and the development of a whole new class and composition of companies.  We also have the American market which remains significant, and benefiting from relations with solid and like-minded trading partners.  The adjustments in Norway will provide great opportunities for members of the NACC, to develop new business and personal relationships for strong mutual benefit.

Giacomo Landi, Ole Christian Schrøder

A particular strength of the NACC is the national nature of the organization.  The United States is such a huge market filled with many regional strengths, it is great that the NACC can operate successfully also locally.  This direct access into the key cities is a tremendous strength for the NACC, and for Norwegian and American companies looking to do business in their respective home markets.

I would also like to specifically thank Ole Christian Schrøder who did an excellent job as President for the last 3 years steering the NACC, and specifically through our centennial year.  We must appreciate all of the good work done over the last 100 years by so many people here and in Norway and try to improve upon this.

Look forward to your comments, support and suggestions on how we can continue to building the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce for the future.


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