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Eriksen Translations

Eriksen Translations Ranked Among the Top 40 Language Services Providers in North America.

Independent market research firm Common Sense Advisory recognizes Eriksen Translations Inc. as a leader in 43.08 billion global translation, localization, and interpreting services industry.

BROOKLYN, NY (PRWEB) JULY 25, 2017: Eriksen Translations Inc. announced today its official ranking as one of the top 40 language services providers (LSPs) in North America. Issued July 2017 by independent market research firm Common Sense Advisory (CSA Research), the report titled “The Language Services Market: 2017” ranked Eriksen Translations Inc. as a top-grossing LSP in the 43.08 billion global market for outsourced language services and technology.

As part of the study, the firm surveyed providers from every continent to collect actual reported revenue for 2015, 2016, and expected revenue for 2017. CSA Research, which has published market size estimates and global rankings for the past 13 years, found that the demand for language services and supporting technologies continues and is growing at an annual rate of 6.97%, representing an increase over last year’s rate of 5.52%.

Eriksen Translations has been helping companies communicate in the domestic and global marketplace for over 30 years. Known for providing personalized customer service and high quality, accurate translation services, Eriksen has developed longstanding relationships with major companies in finance and insurance, law, creative services, health care, and education, as well as nonprofits and leading museums and cultural institutions worldwide. Eriksen works in more than 100 languages, providing print and website translation, desktop publishing, and cultural consulting, as well as multimedia solutions including localization, voice-overs, and subtitling.

“It is exciting to be recognized once again for our role in this growing industry,” said Vigdis Eriksen, Founder and CEO. “We wouldn’t be here without the dedication of our talented staff members, who are committed to supporting our clients with expertise, creativity, and innovation. Everyone at Eriksen is passionate about language and its ability to foster communication, and we are proud to help thriving, leading-edge companies reach their global markets.”

As organizations both large and small address more languages, CSA research predicts that the language and communication industry will continue to grow and that the market will increase to 47.46 billion by 2021. Factors driving this demand include mobile, wearables, and the internet of things (IOT); on-demand offerings to support live chat, texts, tweets, and other short-shelf content bits; and legislation requiring access to language services.

“The sheer number of countries, people, and languages – many of them in markets experiencing tremendous economic growth – assures that demand for language services will only increase over time. As our research conclusively demonstrates, people are much more likely to purchase products in their own language. In addition, localization reduces customer care costs and increases brand loyalty,” explains Don DePalma, CSA Research’s founder and Chief Strategy Officer.


About Eriksen Translations Inc.

Founded in 1986, Eriksen Translations Inc. helps companies reach their audiences in the domestic and global marketplace. Eriksen provides language solutions in over 100 languages, offering print and website translation, desktop publishing, multimedia localization, cultural consulting, transcription, and voiceover and subtitling services. Headquartered in Brooklyn, Eriksen partners with companies in finance and insurance, law, creative services, health care, and education, as well as nonprofits and leading museums and cultural institutions worldwide. or more information, visit www.eriksen.com / @eriksentrans

About Common Sense Advisory

Common Sense Advisory is an independent market research company specializing in translation, localization, interpreting, globalization, and internationalization analysis and consulting. www.commonsenseadvisory.com / @CSA_Research

CSA Research Contact: media(at)commonsenseadvisory(dot)com