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Dale of Norway

For over 130 years, Dale of Norway has been developing, producing and distributing the finest Norwegian sweaters in the world, and continues to this day to offer leading innovations within knitwear of 100% wool. Founded in 1879 in the quaint village of Dale, the brand is best known for their premium quality, attention to detail, and beautiful classic designs inspired by Norwegian patterns and the active Norwegian lifestyle. Dale of Norway is still designing and knitting their garments in the historic factory, fully operated by hydropower since 1879. The highly competent and experienced staff follows every process in the production, and thereby secures the premium qualities. Dale of Norway is available throughout the world and in over 600 retail locations in North America.

Dale Fact: Dale of Norway during the last three years faced an international success with a growth of 40%. From being known only as a traditional brand, the collection is today highly modernized in design and qualities.

New Highlights from Dale of Norway:


Dale Fact: Dale of Norway has designed over fifty official sweaters for every Winter Olympics and World Championships since 1956.

Since the 1956 Cortina Winter Games, Dale of Norway has been the official supplier to the Norwegian Ski Association, creating and manufacturing new designs every year for the National Cross Country team, Alpine team and for the complete Olympic team. Dale of Norway has also been delivering several official sweaters to the International Olympic Committee. Continuing with this tradition and their commitment, Dale introduces additions to the collection.


The Dale of Norway Viking Collection is inspired by the Viking folklore and the Norwegian Alpine Ski Team, called “Attacking Vikings”. The successful Alpine Team has the Viking sweater/cardigan as their official World Championship sweater for the season 2017 and will change to the new sweaters Tor and Tora for 2018. The Viking garments are made in rugged black-grey colors with Viking patterns and two runic symbols, meaning protection and victory. The concept includes innovative skinsoft wool qualities, and the Viking Weatherproof outerwear jacket.


Dale of Norway fits into the big megatrends, due to the true heritage, raw materials, production and values:

Dale of Norway uses only 100% natural wool: wool is a natural, biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly fiber, with technical properties no man-made fiber can match (see page 2). Dale of Norway uses several types of wool to optimize the function of each garment.Environmentally friendly: The production at the Dale of Norway factory is made with natural hydropower from the local waterfalls.Ethical production: All raw materials are certified animal friendly.True authentic: Dale of Norway has produced premium knitwear and beautiful Norwegian designs since 1879.Leading innovations: Over the past 135 years, Dale of Norway has become an innovator of new wool qualities and knitting techniques, from long-lasting garments made in skinsoft wool to unique Weatherproof wool fabrics.Long-lasting garments: Dale of Norway’s garments are well known for their superior long lasting qualities, due to the selection of only premium wool together with advanced knitting techniques.Responsible: The historical Dale village is dependent on the Dale of Norway factory. The company preserves historic designs and world leading competence within wool and knitwear.

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