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  • New Member: Norwegian Baked

    “It all traces back to that one summer at home in Norway…there was a luscious just-baked scent floating through the air and I followed my senses straight to my Aunt Liv’s kitchen. There, I found her baking the most delectable Crispbread. It was love at first bite and she taught me how to craft them using our decades-old family recipe. I was hooked. So, back to my second (more permanent) home in Brooklyn I went, where I started experimenting with the family recipe and serving it to friends and family (lucky them!). Altering the ingredients a few times to find […]

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  • Clay Maitland, Managing Partner, International Registries, Inc.

    Lawyer, businessman, philanthropist, mentor, Maitland is a man for all seasons and a global ambassador for the maritime industry.   Tell us about your early life. Since grade school my family and I lived near salt water, and in retrospect I was destined for a career that was more or less maritime. Like a lot of kids, I was fascinated by those plastic Revell ship models that could be assembled from out of a box. My mother was American and my father, who was lost three months after I was born, had been a bomber pilot in the Royal Air […]

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  • New Member: The Norwegian Christian Home and Health Center

    The Norwegian Christian Home and Health Center, located in Brooklyn, New York, is a full-service modern health care facility consisting of a 135 bed Skilled Nursing Facility, an 88 bed Assisted Living Facility and a 28 bed Independent Living Facility; it also offers two beds for short-term respite care. In addition, services are provided for physical, occupational and speech therapy to both discharged patients and to the community at an on-site Outpatient Rehabilitation Center. The Home had its beginnings early in the 20th century when a Norwegian immigrant couple, George and Amanda Hanson, aware of the vulnerability of homeless Scandinavian […]

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  • New Member: Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLP

    Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLP is a well-established full-service commercial law firm with offices in New York and San Francisco. Our unique blend of resources, experience and talent enables us to resolve the varied and complex issues facing our clients with a personal and measured touch. We approach each matter entrusted to us as an opportunity to foster genuine and long-term relationships. To that end, we strive fully to understand our clients’ concerns and objectives and to collaborate with them through every step in the process. This synergistic approach has empowered us to create tailored and innovative programs that have […]

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