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Member Spotlight

  • Introducing the first new NACC Member of 2019: Future Leaders Global

    The world is changing, and to keep up with the development every organization needs young bright talents understanding the future and how to get there. Future Leaders Global is pioneering a new leadership and self-leadership development structure. Operating in Europe and Africa, and running the talent development programs in companies like DNB, they are only getting started and are currently scaling to 60 new cities. Future Leaders are now setting up offices in NYC, and kicking off programs both for private talents and global operations. Elin Nørve, the founder, is in NYC in March 2019 aiming to get to know […]

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  • New Member: Fjordfiesta

    Inspired by nature and our surroundings Handcrafted and made in Norway Unique and timeless Scandinavian design With the ambition to manage, develop and reconnect to the Scandinavian design heritage, architect Pål Lunder founded Fjordfiesta in 2001. With strong ties to the aesthetics of Scandinavian design culture and 21st century values regarding ethic and environmental issues, Fjordfiesta’s intention is to create furniture that will last for generations to come. Inspired by the beautiful nature of Norway, Fjordfiesta represents Norwegian design culture. Our first mission was to reintroduce the timeless «Scandia» range of chairs, designed by Hans Brattrud in the 1950’s. The […]

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  • New Member: Norwegian Baked

    “It all traces back to that one summer at home in Norway…there was a luscious just-baked scent floating through the air and I followed my senses straight to my Aunt Liv’s kitchen. There, I found her baking the most delectable Crispbread. It was love at first bite and she taught me how to craft them using our decades-old family recipe. I was hooked. So, back to my second (more permanent) home in Brooklyn I went, where I started experimenting with the family recipe and serving it to friends and family (lucky them!). Altering the ingredients a few times to find […]

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  • Clay Maitland, Managing Partner, International Registries, Inc.

    Lawyer, businessman, philanthropist, mentor, Maitland is a man for all seasons and a global ambassador for the maritime industry.   Tell us about your early life. Since grade school my family and I lived near salt water, and in retrospect I was destined for a career that was more or less maritime. Like a lot of kids, I was fascinated by those plastic Revell ship models that could be assembled from out of a box. My mother was American and my father, who was lost three months after I was born, had been a bomber pilot in the Royal Air […]

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