Watch: NACC Co-hosting Pioneering Sustainable Solutions: Building the Economy of the Future at Bloomberg, May 23


On May 23, 2017, Bloomberg Government and the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce (together with DNB, Statoil, the Norwegian Consulate General, Amundsen Ventures, and Innovation Norway) hosted Pioneering Sustainable Solutions: Building the Economy of the Future, a series of in-depth conversations on how innovation, entrepreneurship and private and public partnership are being leveraged to build a better society—whether it’s investing in clean energy, good governance or a strong digital infrastructure—that’s committed to solving social, economic and environmental challenges.

Watch the recorded broadcast:

Norwegian Panelists: 
Anita Krohn Traaseth, Innovation Norway
Harald Serch-Hanssen, DNB
Sonja Chirico Indrebø, Statoil
Jan-Erik Hareid, Alliance Venture
Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud, Shoreline
Jakob Ramsøy, Arundo



Black to Green: Transitioning From Fossil Fuels to Renewables

The boom and bust cycles of the oil and gas sector and the threat of climate change are driving energy companies and policymakers to rethink how they want to drive growth in the future. We’ll examine the innovative technologies being used that reduce the cost of renewables while increasing efficiency. How can private-public partnership contribute to developing a sustainable clean energy ecosystem?

Betting on Clean Energy

The short-term slump in crude prices and the long-term challenge of climate change combine to push investors to fund clean energy technologies. Top investors will discuss the next generation technologies that are transforming the energy market. Apart from being in the business of doing good, do clean energy investments make good business?

The Road to a Digital Society

From AI to drones to simulating weather patterns in offshore wind projects, we’ll look at the next generation technology that’s helping propel clean energy to the forefront of a digital economy.  Is Norway able to convert its vast technological expertise, talent and funding in fossil fuel to create the kind of ecosystem necessary to produce game-changing innovation in the renewables space—and at scale?

Beyond energy, are there foreign acquirers interested in the startup hubs in the region? How much pioneering digital innovation is coming out of Norway and Europe overall as compared with the U.S.?

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