Job Opportunity at Svenska Handelsbanken


Job Description:

Corporate Access Manager, Handelsbanken Markets Securities, Inc.

Corporate Access
• Plan and carry out all logistics for company roadshows (agenda, car service, flights, hotels, lunches, handouts, investor profiles etc.) after handover from the Nordic Corporate Access Teams
• Collect and handover feedback from investors after the roadshow
• Pitch for US/Canadian roadshow (together with the Nordic Corporate Access Teams)
• Work with the Nordic Corporate Access Teams on reversed roadshows and seminars
• Plan and carry out all logistics for analyst presentations
• Maintain and update the US Event Planner
• Maintain and update US roadshow statistics
• Maintain and update the Events Manual
• Send out a weekly Event email

Sales Support
• Taking orders/writing tickets when markets are closed (requires a license)
• Generate and send out commission from the day before
• Generate and send out trade blotter, settlement report, canceled/amended trade report, and failed trades report daily
• Portfolio check after close daily
• Save all trade confirmations from the group email inbox
• Generate and send out quarterly trade reports to active customers every quarter
• Send out HMSI financial statement H1 & H2
Administrative Tasks
• Book all travel for the HMSI team
• Collect expense reports at the end of each month
• Responsible for handing in the attendance report to HR weekly
• Order supplies
• Order business cards
• Internal invoicing
• Room booking

Visitor access
New hire checklist
• Pick up mail from the mail room

Micaela Grimm – [email protected]

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