“Dedicated to the Service of the Norwegian-American Business Community”

Organizational Structure and Membership
Headquartered in New York, NACC has eight active chapters in the United States: Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Seattle, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. The chamber also maintains a close association with the American Chamber of Commerce in Norway, AmCham (the result of a 1999 merger of NACC Norway and the American Chamber of Commerce Norway), and the Norwegian-British Chamber in London.

History - The Early Years

The Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce was founded in New York in 1915, “to promote trade and goodwill and to foster business, financial and professional interests between Norway and the United States of America, to advance the common purposes of its members, and to facilitate contact among its members.”

These objectives and the spirit behind them are so fundamentally important as to be unchanged despite the passing of two world wars and periods of economic, financial and political upheaval that affected trade between the two countries.

NACC has been hard at work for over 90 years, with only two intermissions: during the “great recession,” and during World War II.

NACC has substantially influenced the development of trade between Norway and the United States and has taken an active role in expanding the scope of Norwegian business activities in the United States.

With the establishment of the Norwegian Export Council in 1945, close cooperation was initiated between the two organizations. The chamber continues to work closely with Norwegian Trade Council, now incorporated into Innovation Norway, in areas of common interest such as trade promotions and expansion of trade relations.


Over the years, members of the Norwegian Royal Family have recognized the NACC’s efforts in expanding US-Norway relations by their presence and participation in important chamber events. The chamber’s 50th anniversary, in 1965, was cause for celebration in both the USA and Norway.

In New York, [then] H.R.H. Crown Prince Harald was guest of honor and main speaker at a banquet at The Waldorf-Astoria. In Oslo two weeks later, H.M. King Olav V was guest of honor and principal speaker at the main celebration taking place at the Bristol Hotel.

In 1990 when NACC marked its 75th anniversary, US members joined our Norwegian colleagues in Oslo at a grand dinner dance at the SAS Scandinavia Hotel in the presence of [then] H.R.H. Crown Prince Harald and Crown Princess Sonja.


Activities over the Years

In October 1996 NACC in New York, Chicago and Seattle co-sponsored events including seminars, conferences and galas in connection with the first visit to the United States of Their Majesties King Harald V and Queen Sonja.

In June 1999 NACC hosted H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon on his first official visit to New York with a gala dinner at The Plaza. Similar activities were sponsored by several chapters in conjunction with the Crown Prince’s trip across the United States following his graduation from University of California at Berkeley.

Norway and a number of Norwegian organizations have played leading roles in placing environmental issues on the global political agenda. In 1995, in the presence of HM King Harald V, NACC arranged a seminar for top level representatives of American Industry and academia. Moderated by ‘Adam Smith’ (Adam Smith’s Moneyworld), the seminar set forth many of the corporate philosophies and technical processes that meet Norway’s high aspirations in this area.

Similarly, NACC arranged a briefing by Norges Bank (The Central Bank of Norway) at New York’s World Trade Center to disseminate information about the Government’s decision to place a portion of its petroleum fund in international markets, and the manner in which the central bank would administer such investments.

Chamber events frequently feature prominent speakers, often leaders of Norwegian government and industry. Seminars are held regularly on topics of specific interest. As an example, the annual conference for the maritime industries — co-sponsored with the Hellenic-American Chamber — is a leading forum for Norwegian, Greek and American ship owners and shipping finance executives.

Gala events are arranged around the presentation of special awards, such as the Norwegian-American Trade Award and the NACC Achievement Award.

Special Events for Young Associates

The Young Associates of the Chamber is a group of young people employed mainly by Norwegian corporations or by American companies doing business with Norway. They are invited to participate fully in all chamber events; in addition, events are arranged specially for the young associates. The group also arranges their own program of social/networking events. The president of the young associates group has a seat on the NACC board. There are young associates / student groups in most NACC regions.

Young Associates briefings, hosted by corporate members, provide young members with an insight into corporate member firms, and offer interaction with executives of those firms.